Admittedly, we were a bit conflicted as to how we felt about a local news event we reported on in this newspaper.

We were, at the same time, impressed and saddened by the recent announcement that Liberty National Bank was going to help fund a study to review city efficiencies and, presumably, make recommendations for improvement.

The confusion, we guess, was that it took a private business to move such a critical study forward. That’s not to say that the City of Lawton wouldn’t have done this anyway, but those of us in private business know you’re always having to look for efficiencies and a better way to tackle today’s evolving problems. Honestly, one of our first thoughts was shouldn’t this have been done already and paid for by the city?

But, we’re going to take the positive outlook and be amazed at by the generosity of Liberty National Bank, which chose to donate $75,000 to the City to pay for half the review of city government services. The evaluation would compare Lawton to other cities, examine similarities and differences, and, presumably, make recommendations as to changes that would better serve the residents of the community.

Begun in 1902 as the Bank of Elgin, the bank expanded to Lawton in 1998 and became Liberty National Bank in 2002, operating in Elgin, Lawton, Medicine Park, Chickasha, Blanchard and Oklahoma City. The fact that the bank’s principles opted to generously help the city on this project says a lot. After all, who doesn’t want their city to operate efficiently and provide the best bang for the buck to its residents.

Like many of its residents, the City has had some setbacks, some that the proposed CIP hopes to remedy. The study is a great step and we’re anxious to see what outcomes result. But we’re especially appreciative when someone — anyone — puts their money where their mouth is and Liberty certainly did that and deserves the community’s appreciation.

— David Stringer, publisher

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