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The parks study/master plan was the first item city officials undertook following the successful Capital Improvements Program (CIP) vote in February 2020. Now, nearly two years later, the results of the extensive study have been presented to the council and the voters.

Tuesday’s potential council vote on increasing the city’s commitment to funding FISTA seems like a high-stakes game of Texas Hold ‘Em with taxpayer money. And we’re not even getting to see the flop.

The beginning of a year brings renewed hope. Hope that things will be better in the new year and hope that we can correct some of the mistakes of the past.

As we clean up the carnage of our most recent Christmas past, I couldn’t help but think of several less-than-ideal celebrations.

On this, the day after Christmas, we wish to tell our readers – along with the rest of the community – how fortunate we are to have you in our lives.

LAWTON, OK — Our deepest thanks go out to all the firefighters who have battled grass fires in the county within the last week. Without their dedicated service, even more property would have been lost.

LAWTON, OK — Tuesday’s council vote on where to locate the much-ballyhooed sports complex was, in our opinion, the worst of the four options presented.

Fifty-eight years ago, on the last full day of his life, President John F. Kennedy arrived in San Antonio for the first leg of a trip designed to mend a rift between Texas’ conservative and liberal Democrats that threatened his 1964 re-election. His purpose in San Antonio was to dedicate the…

Philip Morris International, the cigarette company responsible for perhaps millions of cancer cases around the world, placed a clever full-page ad in Friday’s New York Times appearing to take a bold stand against hate speech and urging an end to the vitriol. All well and good, except the ad …

Boogeymen only exist in the imaginations that create them and in the fears on which they prey. Spanning centuries and cultures, the boogeyman is conjured to frighten people, especially children, into fearing whatever it is the conjurer wants them to fear.

The challenge in polarized political times is to keep your eye on democratic institutions and their proper authority. That’s the reason to applaud the nine House Republicans who voted last week to hold Steve Bannon, the sometime Donald Trump counselor, in contempt for defying a Congressional…

A little over a year ago, one elected city official said in 18 months, local residents would be very irritated with the amount of road construction going on, as the City of Lawton brought a series of projects to fruition.

Queen Elizabeth II was caught on a hot mic last week declaring it “irritating” that global leaders who talk the talk regarding climate change won’t walk the walk. It’s a royally accurate assessment. “I’ve been hearing all about COP,” the queen said, referring to the upcoming United Nations C…

Much as Colin Powell deserves a tribute as America’s first Black secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was under-recognized as a bridge-builder and champion of political moderation. Powell, who died Monday, was a Republican who dared to challenge his own party’s or…

Lawton received good news from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation last week when it announced monies had become available to help fund a truck bypass to serve the west industrial park.

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