LAWTON, OK — We are waiting to see what steps the city takes to implement the new Capital Improvements Program.

LAWTON, OK — We urge voters to vote YES on the proposed Capital Improvements Program when they go to the polls on Tuesday.

LAWTON, OK — City officials have put together their list for the next CIP and now they need to set some priorities.

LAWTON, OK — Liberty National Bank deserves the appreciation of the community for stepping up help make the city more efficient.

We’re typically not in favor of such measures as proposed this week to raise the salaries of councilmembers and the mayor of Lawton, but in this case, we think the measure is justified.

With each click of a mouse this shopping season, you are missing a golden opportunity to help your community grow, as well as to discover the hidden gems among wonderful local businesses.

LAWTON, OK — Mental health professionals say domestic situations do not have to end in violence.

The GOP’s cynical campaign to identify the whistleblower who exposed details of President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president is nonsensical and dangerous. The fact that named witnesses — and the White House itself — have subsequently confirmed the core allegation make…

Contraband is behind 100% of the violence that happens in prison yards and remains the biggest security threat the prison system faces.

We understand that the proposed Capital Improvements Program extension is back on the Lawton City Council agenda for discussion on Tuesday.

We were heartened to learn that City of Lawton officials have called a public meeting to get input from citizens on a proposal to fund new projects in the city.

In his novel “Fahrenheit 451,” author Ray Bradbury tells the dystopian story of a “fireman” — one who burns books for a living — who one day picks up a book to read it instead of setting it on fire.

The Lawton City Council may hold the last of its workshops tonight as it considers extending the 2015 Sales Tax Extension and the 2016 Capital Improvements Program.

Lawton and Fort Sill heard some positive news this week when the U.S. Army announced that it is on track to meet its 2019 recruitment goals.

Combine criminal justice reform with new people on the state Pardon and Parole Board and different approaches to the board’s work, and you get what Oklahoma is seeing — a jump in the number of recommendations for parole or for sentence commutations.

What do “The Catcher in the Rye,” “1984,” “Beloved,” “The Great Gatsby,” the Harry Potter series, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “The Adventures of Captain Underpants” all have in common? At one point in time someone has tried to ban them from public schools and libraries.

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week, whose focus is a difficult subject but also one that merits every bit of attention it receives. This is particularly true in Oklahoma, unfortunately.

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