This is going to be the first of a series of columns about last week’s midterm elections. I simply do not have the space in this column to discuss all the interesting and important developments that happened because of the election. We are going to look ahead at the new make-up of Congress and the state Legislature of Oklahoma in the next few columns. I did not wish to do that this week because we do not know what Congress will make up as of this column’s writing. Before we can do any of that though I have something even more important to do first. In this column a giant plate of crow is in order.

For months I have been writing about the races for Oklahoma’s governor and State Superintendent of Public Education. The polls were consistent. Those races were going to be close, and the Democratic candidates (Hofmeister and Nelson) had legitimate chances of winning. At a minimum I promised that it would be the closest governor’s race in 20 years. That prediction was wrong. While Hofmeister and Nelson got many more votes then the other statewide Democratic candidates, they failed to win. Hofmeister lost by a bigger percentage of the vote than Drew Edmondson did in 2018.

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