New Year’s is a time for resolutions. It’s also the time for many of us to make new goals. Often times it is about health, which is certainly very important. Many of us set a goal to increase the number of books we read or travel more. Another goal is often to simply save more money and do less spending on non-essential items. Regardless if you are looking to set a personal goal or a professional goal, as an individual or a business, I would challenge you to consider joining the Chamber of Commerce and becoming more involved.

Our community needs strong community involvement. I believe membership in the chamber creates a strategic partnership that links you or your business with the proven chamber of commerce brand and that affiliation enhances your personal and business credibility.

The chamber is a network of people who are in business, or personally concerned about the sustainability of a community, and who have a joint collective goal to further improve or enhance the business economy in our community. As well, through many of the reports and surveys provided by the U.S Chamber of Commerce, it’s been confirmed that consumers trust businesses that are aligned to their Chamber of Commerce and consumers are more likely to purchase good/services from Chamber member businesses.

Chamber membership creates better visibility. As well, you will be able to stand out and get noticed by being actively involved in many community events that the Chamber either hosts or sponsors. You can take full advantage of the many professional development opportunities which includes monthly luncheons, educational and professional development resources. The Chamber Board and staff will serve as strong advocates for you and your business. Networking is a key element of chamber membership. It’s not just who you know, but who knows you and who they know that you need to get to know. For individuals looking to network in order to sustain or expand their career, no organization can produce a higher return on investment than your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved, and learn, grow and lead as a Chamber member.

If you are interested in learning more about the many opportunities available to an active chamber member, or if you are deciding if the chamber will support your 2020 goals, please stop by the Chamber of Commerce office or give us a call at 580-355-3541. In the interim, mark your calendar for the next key events. Our list of events is available on our website at

Brenda Spencer-Ragland is president and CEO of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce.

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