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Men to face trial in slaying

Two Lawton men accused of killing a 24-year-old woman last summer were bound over for trial following back-to-back preliminary hearings on Wednesday.

Michael Turner, also known by the street name "T," 26, and Jamah M. Starks, also known as Brandon Reed and by the street name "Hawk," 20, are charged with first-degree murder with deliberate intent or, in the alternative, first-degree murder, in the shooting death of Shaquilla Martinez shortly before 1 a.m. June 22 at 1504 Euclid.

Turner is also charged with two counts of robbery with a weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery, while Starks is charged with one count of robbery with a weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Starks and Turner are accused of robbing Martinez and her boyfriend at the time, Robert Macklin, with guns shortly after a drug deal at Macklin's one-bedroom house, 1504 Euclid. Martinez did not live with Macklin, but she often stayed the night.

Macklin identified Starks as the man who shot and killed Martinez, according to an affidavit filed in Comanche County District Court. Macklin told detectives that Starks and Turner robbed him of jewelry, a backpack and cellphones, among other personal items.

Turner also robbed Andres Street  a friend of Martinez's who was asleep on the couch in the living room of Macklin's house that night.

Robert Macklin testified during both preliminary hearings, while Andres Street, who was robbed exclusively by Turner, testified only during Turner's hearing.

June 21 was a normal day for Macklin, who went to work at a local barber shop before walking home with Martinez, who had spent the day with him at the shop, Macklin testified.

Macklin told Assistant District Attorney Kyle Cabelka that around 9 p.m., four men, two of whom were Starks and Turner, came over to the house to buy some drugs. They bought a pint and a half of lean  which is cough syrup  for a little under $200, then they left. 

A few minutes later, Starks came back inside alone to buy a gram of marijuana for $10, then he left again, Macklin testified.

Macklin, Martinez and Street ate some pizza before Street fell asleep. Macklin and Martinez then took showers and watched TV, and Macklin decided to walk to a convenience store to buy some cigars and soda, Macklin told Cabelka.

But Martinez and Street were not the only ones at the house when Macklin returned. Starks and Turner had come back to the house to smoke weed with Macklin and Martinez in the bedroom, Macklin testified.

Everything was fine until they had smoked about half the blunt  then Starks and Turner pulled out guns and said they wanted their money back, as well as all the drugs in the house, Macklin said on the stand.

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