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Research weighs in on high-protein diets

Do high protein diets work? Are they good for us? Current research suggests that a diet higher in protein may be an effective way to lose weight, according to an article on this topic by registered dietitian Kaley Todd in Today's Dietitian. Compared to lower protein diets, a boost of protein can help a dieter preserve muscle mass and perhaps even control hunger.

Other research however, has shown that high protein diets don't result in long term weight loss any better than other diets. Why the confusion? Probably because the definition of a high protein diet is all over the map.

The most current Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise us to eat between 10 percent to 35 percent of our total calories from protein. More than that is technically "high protein."

Yet many of the research studies that found a beneficial effect of high protein diets for weight loss defined a high protein diet as one that was around 30 percent protein.

And here's another important note from most of the research studies that found positive effects of high protein diets. Besides the fact that these diets were high but not excessively high in protein, they were also not excessively high in fat. Most came in at around 30 percent of calories from the fat group  what experts consider to be low fat.

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