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No magic pill for senior mental health

There is no question that the mind-body connection is real, even if we can't quantify it. Hope is one of the greatest weapons we have to fight disease, according to David Agus.

Jacklyn McNeil, licensed professional counselor, quoted Agus when talking about the four principles of Super Aging recently.

"Tom Brokaw dubbed the Great Depression generation as the Greatest Generation almost 20 years ago," McNeil said. "They experienced the Depression, winning a war against Nazi oppression, prevailing for civil rights, traveling to the moon ... Now they are the generation with the most extensive longevity and the most people reaching that longevity. They are reaching 100-110 years old."

Researchers are learning there's no magic bullet, no magic pill and no psychological trick, according to McNeil.

She said there are some common characteristics and she offered what she has determined as the four principles of Super Aging: attitude, acceptance, adaptability and associations.

"No. 1 is attitude," McNeil said. "Your attitude about aging may impact how you age. Researchers at Yale, Psychology Today and the magazine Aging all agree that what you think about growing old affects how you age."

Acceptance is discovering aging in its own terms. In a study called The Journal of Happiness Study, two groups of people were studied  one group in their 30s and one group in their 60s. The question was asked, "Are you happy?"

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