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Don't chafe in the winter wind

Many of us like to linger a little longer in the hot morning shower on winter days, but that's not the best thing for winter dry skin conditions. Colder wind temperatures, along with running heaters at home and the office can dry the air out even more in Southwest Oklahoma.

Does anyone remember seeing a pot or kettle Grandma used to keep on the wood stove containing water? She had the right idea, according to Dr. Steve Egwuonwu (pronounced egg-wan) with Lawton Family Practice at Southwestern Medical Center. He said running a warm mist humidifier in the home helps in preventing winter dry skin problems.

Harsh winter weather contributes to problems with dry skin. Using the heater in the house a lo of the skin.

"Typically we end up with dry skin which is marked by cracks, itching, sometimes a little scaly and very, very uncomfortable feeling," Egwuonwu said. "Some of the recommendations are making sure you use moisturizers more. Some people think moisturizers should only be used after the shower, but they should be used periodically throughout the day. You are in and out of the harsh, cold weather, so you want to make sure you moisturize your skin throughout the day."

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