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Halloween mighty sweet for retailers, too

The candy gig is sweet business, especially around Halloween.

Did you know that shoppers will spend $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year? That's a fact according to the National Retail Federation's estimates. And it's coming from more than the corner candy shop. Industry research has shown that, in 2015, online candy sales increased by 15 percent, according to

Using over 10 years of sales data from 50 states and Canada (2007-2016), with a particular focus on the months leading up to Halloween, analysis showed the best selling candy each Halloween in each state. The results could be considered shocking  some, perhaps, terrifying.

Oklahomans are the most voracious consumers of Snickers candy bars. According to the 10 years' analysis, 20,938 pounds of the choclate/caramel/nutty confection has received the most affection from Oklahoma consumers. Snickers is most favored in three other states: Virginia, 26,783 pounds; New Hampshire, 63,876 pounds; and the enthusiastic Arizona fan base purchased 904,633 pounds.

The Sooner State's second favorite treat temptation for the spooky season is Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum at 10,283 pounds; followed up by 8,892 pounds of Butterfinger.

Lest we think our appetites are bigger than our eyes, the neighbors south of the Red River take the prize for the most amount of a type of candy bought in the nation. Texans have taken in 1.952,361 pounds of Starburst over the decade. That's a frightening amount of the tiny, chewy, multi-color/flavored candies sold and (you would think) consumed.

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