APACHE — This week’s snowpocalypse has been challenging for everyone across Southwest Oklahoma, but for one family when life hands you snow, they make snow ice cream.

In Apache, much like everywhere else, the record snow and freezing temperatures have forced people to deal with frozen pipes, rolling blackouts and numerous other issues associated with the unprecedented weather. However, for Jennifer Johnson of Apache, the choice to bemoan her issues on social media or make the best of a bad situation was simple — make snow ice cream.

Getting her two-year-old daughter Abigail dressed to go outside was a chore that neither she nor Abigail enjoyed said Johnson.

“She thought she wanted to go outside and play in the snow,” Johnson said. “It would take me thirty minutes to get her all bundled up with coat, gloves, hat and everything else and she would spend all of seven minutes outside.”

Rather than give up on letting Abigail enjoy her first snow since she was an infant, Johnson decided to bring the snow into her daughter. Together Johnson, Abigail and older sister Jaylin Hall used their imagination to come up with activities. One such activity was using an old Play-Doh set to create interesting shapes such as snow ice cream.

While they didn’t get to enjoy true snow ice cream this round because Abigail devoured the first batch of snow brought in, Johnson said they plan on making the wintery treat during the second round of snow which hit the area Tuesday afternoon.

“I saw all these interesting ideas to have fun during the cold including the one where you throw hot water in the air and it immediately freezes,” said Johnson. “But I thought what else can we do because a toddler can get bored pretty quickly, and I came up with using the Play-Doh set.”

Johnson said Abigail has had a lot of fun with with the snow-doh set and Jaylin even found some new ideas of her own, like filling balloons with water and burying them in the snow. The product should look something like large glass marbles once frozen and the balloons are removed, however those results will not be available until a later date, said Johnson.

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