More details have come to light about a Wednesday afternoon stabbing outside a Lawton pancake palace and police continue to search for the suspect.

Lawton Police Sgt. Michael Albert reported being called around 2:20 p.m. to IHOP, 4020 Cache Road, on the report of a stabbing. He arrived to find a woman suffering a severe cut to her upper left shoulder.

A decision to leave led to the incident. She and her boyfriend began arguing about leaving her apartment at 4759 NW Motif Manor because he didn’t want her to go, the report states. She left, he followed and caught up to her at the Lowe’s parking lot.

The woman said he told her she wasn’t going anywhere but she refused and walked towards the nearby restaurant. According to the report, somewhere in front of IHOP, she felt him hit her in the left arm. Then, she said, there was pain and when she looked down at her arm, she discovered she’d been stabbed.

A witness helped the woman into the restaurant. A lawn maintenance worker saw the suspect, wearing a red jersey, run eastbound on foot. He remains on the run.

The woman was taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital for treatment to her wound, according to Albert.

If you have information about this or other any other crimes, call Lawton Police, 580-581-3270; or Crime Stoppers, 580-355-4636.

Written by Scott Rains:

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