Voters in Chattanooga and Empire overwhelmingly approved school bond issues, while voters in Snyder soundly defeated two school bond issues.

Chattanooga voters approved Proposition 1 by a margin of 76.34 percent to 23.66 percent. The proposition is for $365,000 for buildings and fixtures including $267,324 to repair/replace a roof, $41,127 for an addition to a bus barn, $35,986 to acquire a trailer and $20,563 for mowing equipment.

Proposition 2, which is $385,000 to purchase transportation equipment, passed 76.72 percent to 23.28 percent.

In Empire, voters passed Proposition 1 by a margin of 82.31 percent to 17.69 percent and passed Proposition 2 by a margin of 81.88 percent to 18.12 percent.

In Snyder, voters rejected two school bond issues.

Proposition 1, which was for $3.2 million to build safe rooms, reroof the high school and make other improvements to campuses, was defeated 64.29 percent to 35.71 percent.

Proposition No. 2, which was a $450,000 transportation bond for one activity bus, two regular buses, two surburbans and one ag truck was defeated 62.1 percent to 37.9 percent.

By state law, school bond issues must have at least a 60 percent majority to pass.

Other election results are:

Mangum Public Schools: Board member — Office No. 5: Staci Vanzant, 136 votes or 43.04 percent; Brian Gambill, 65 votes or 20.57 percent; and Charles Callins, 115 or 36.39 percent.

Carnegie Public Schools: Board member — Office No. 5: Christi Harrison, 148 or 46.88 percent; Misty D. Boettger, 92 or 27.3 percent; and Ryan Clark, 87 or 25.82 percent.

City of Walters Council member — Council member at large: Roberta Ellis, 182 or 46.55 percent; Wes Eidson, 209 or 53.45 percent.

City of Marlow, Council member — Council member Ward 2: Brad Throckmorton, 25, or 46.3 percent; and Neal L. Moore, 29 or 53.7 percent.

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