A banner advertising a Vacation Bible School at a Fort Sill chapel has been taken down after the post received a complaint about it.

The banner was hung on the Sheridan Road gate last week and advertised Vacation Bible School June 7-11 at Frontier Chapel. Oklahoma City attorney James M. Branum saw the banner and complained about the wording “Jesus Power Pulls Us Through,” according to a press release from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“This kind of messaging, particularly in this location, makes it appear that the US Army is endorsing an evangelical Christian VBS event, in ways that events for people of other faiths (and no faiths) are not promoted,” Branum wrote in his complaint to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The complaint was taken to Garrison Commander Col. Rhett A. Taylor, who asked legal advisers to review the matter. On June 3, the sign was removed, according to the press release.

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