Search for Missing Girls

Rescue responders pull a boat from a branch of East Cache Creek Friday after searching for two teen girls who went missing Thursday afternoon after running from Comanche Nation Law Enforcement. They had last been seen jumping into East Cache Creek at that time. They would be spotted off post Friday night.

The Comanche Nation and Fort Sill joined forces Thursday afternoon and all day Friday as a search for two teen girls continued along East Cache Creek.

Comanche Nation Law Enforcement issued a statement about the juvenile girls being runaways. Officers received a tip Thursday afternoon that the girls were seen walking east and spotted them walking on the railroad tracks east of Interstate 44. A short pursuit followed before the girls, who were carrying backpacks, jumped into East Cache Creek. Officers continued chasing them until they lost sight of the girls.

Fort Sill was alerted and sent out their search and rescue team to help.

Because the part of the creek the juveniles entered into is the most densely covered area of the creek, the mission became to rescue them from the terrain and water.

A Fort Sill Tact Team Training was taking place around the Cache Creek area when the juveniles were reported to Fort Sill. And the training team came to the aid of the rescue mission that had crossed from tribal land and onto post.

“The Comanche Nation Police Department is working in joint cooperation with Fort Sill to find the two missing females,” said

According to a statement from Jessica Tackaberry, Fort Sill Public Affairs Office (PAO), Friday’s joint search efforts included observation points along East Cache Creek River, foot searches along the shoreline, roving vehicle patrols across Fort Sill and two boats scanning the waterway. By mid-afternoon, a helicopter was brought into the search.

The City of Lawton reportedly lowered the gates near the dam 6-feet to drop water levels and assist with the search.

One of the girls was described in a Thursday evening release from Fort Sill as 14-year-old Native American girl last seen wearing black clothing, a black backpack and with black hair. She goes by the name “Rasorio.”

A request for public assistance for any information about the girls is requested, Tackaberry said.

Call 580-442-2101.

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