Double shooting

An ambulance turns around to get out of the 4500 block of Southwest Park Avenue after it and another were unneeded following a shooting that took a man and woman’s lives Friday afternoon.

Lawton police are investigating the late-Friday afternoon shooting deaths of a man and woman in a home on the city’s southwest side.

Police and first-responders were called at 4:17 p.m. to 4509 SW Park on the report of a man and woman who had been shot. Emergency radio dispatchers reported minutes later that one of the two was not breathing. By the time police arrived, both had died.

Sgt. Tim Jenkins, LPD information officer, said Quashawn Bell, 28, and Mari Medina, 29, were killed in the incident.

Shortly after the scene was blocked off with crime scene tape, investigators began sorting through a lot of chaos as several neighbors and purported family members filled neighboring yards. Some were speaking with police, others were upset and volatile around the many officers on scene.

“Right now, we are still trying to find out what happened,” Jenkins said shortly after the incident. “There are a lot of people that heard what happened and we’re trying to get the full story.”

Jenkins said that someone pulling into the cul de sac called 911 after hearing the incident. Officers are trying to verify the caller’s role in the incident, if there was anything more than the phone call.

Officers would be taking over a dozen witnesses to the police station for interviews in hopes of gleaning more information and insight.

“We still pretty much don’t know what happened,” he said. “I’m sure after talking to 15 of them (witnesses), we’ll get to the story.”

Jenkins said the call came at the department’s shift change so a large number of officers were available and sent to the scene. Detectives from the Criminal Investigative Division arrived within a half-hour to begin processing the crime scene. The Medical Examiner would be called out later.

There’s no confirmation there was a gun left at the scene. Jenkins said it would be after detectives went into the home to process the scene before more information could be discerned.

The area, also known as “Numunu Heights,” contains a lot of Indian trust homes, Jenkins said. Officers from Comanche Nation Law Enforcement and the Comanche County Sheriff’s Office also remained in the area.

Jenkins said investigators were seeking the victim’s families before identifying the man and woman killed.

The shooting is being investigated as a homicide. If it ends up as a double-murder, this would result in the city’s fourth and fifth homicide of 2020, but there is the potential it is a murder-suicide.

Jenkins said he will update with more information when available.

Written by Scott Rains:

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