LITTLE ROCK, ARK. — Summit Utilities Inc. has closed on its acquisition of the gas distribution assets of CenterPoint Energy, Inc. in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texarkana, Texas.

The sale, approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in November after a series of public hearings, affects all CenterPoint customers, including those in Comanche County.

The gas distribution systems included in the transaction serve approximately 525,000 customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas, and include 17,000 miles of gas main pipeline across those three states. As part of the acquisition, Summit will be welcoming nearly 600 CenterPoint team members to the company.

“The team members that are serving Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texarkana communities today will continue to deliver exceptional natural gas service to our customers,” said Summit President and CEO Kurt Adams. “Although the name of the company that provides this service will be changing from CenterPoint Energy to Summit Utilities, our objective is to make this transition as seamless as possible.”

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s final order found that applicants provided evidence that Summit has the “financial, managerial and operational capability to operate CERC’s (CenterPoint Energy Resources) jurisdictional assets to provide safe and reliable natural gas utility service....”

Transaction Details

There will be a period of up to one year where the two companies will work together to migrate all operations and services to Summit. During that transition period, CenterPoint will continue to provide certain services to customers on behalf of Summit Utilities including aspects of billing, customer support and marketing. While this is a large, complex transaction, Summit and CenterPoint will endeavor to provide a seamless transition, Adams said.

Customers will not have to make any changes to continue current service. During the transition, Oklahoma customers should continue to visit to access account information online or call (866) 275-5265 for customer service. To report a natural gas outage or emergency, customers should call (800) 992-7552 or 911.

About Summit Utilities, Inc.

Summit Utilities, Inc. owns natural gas distribution and transmission subsidiaries that operate in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company provides natural gas to businesses and residents in six states through Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, Colorado Natural Gas, Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Summit Utilities of Arkansas, and Summit Utilities of Oklahoma. Overall, Summit entities serve approximately 625,000 customers and operate more than 23,400 miles of pipeline.

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