APACHE — On Tuesday, after a one-day, impromptu strike to get the Dollar General corporation to inspect and possibly repair air conditioning at a store in Apache, the workforce at the store collectively walked off the job.

The decision to quit was made, according to former store manager Joshua Tinker, after representatives from corporate did not answer their inquiries about whether or not the team would see repercussions for the Monday walk-out.

“We never heard back from them,” Tinker said. “So rather than wait for them to pin some legal BS on us, we decided to hand in our keys.”

According to Tinker, the team had decided to walk out with him after he said he intended to quit, rather than be fired.

“I had a strong team that trusted me,” Tinker said. “And they all agreed that if I’m done, they’re done.”

Tinker said that the store was being staffed by employees from Carnegie and Anadarko, who were called in by the district manager soon after the strike was announced.

“They have five people staffing the store right now,” Tinker said. “When we were working, they wouldn’t let us run it with more than one or two. It must be nice.”

Tinker and Rachel Minchow, the former assistant store manager, said that when they went inside the store, the temperature was cooler than it had been, indicating that the air conditioning problems may have been fixed. However, Tinker said that when he asked to be shown verification it had been repaired, his request was denied.

Minchow echoed most of Tinker’s complaints, and said that she intended to seek new employment, most likely in her hometown of Las Cruces, N.M.

“I may go back to doing what I did there,” Minchow said. “I used to work as a caretaker.”

Tinker said that the support from residents of Apache has been overwhelming, with some people even offering to help the former employees find new jobs. Tinker has put together a petition asking people in Apache to push the Dollar General store out of town and will be collecting signatures outside the town’s post office.

Minchow and Tinker say that this is the last time they intend to work in retail.

“It’s just not worth the headache,” Tinker said.

Representatives from the Dollar General corporation did not respond to requests for comment.

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