As medical and healthcare providers around the country face supply shortages on a daily basis, Southwestern Medical Center is accepting donations of unused and handmade protective supplies and equipment.

Mary Towe, the marketing and communications coordinator for Southwestern, said the hospital still has a steady supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for its employees, but does not want to find itself unprepared in the future, especially because there is no guarantee of supplies if and when the hospital needs it most.

“We want to keep our supplies at a comfortable amount so we don’t run into what we did a couple of months ago,” Towe said. “Because a lot of the PPE is being allocated to individual facilities based on need, and because there’s not an abundance of equipment available, we want to be prepared.”

While the hospital itself is typically responsible for providing PPE, there is such a high demand for supplies that SWMC is asking for the public to give whatever it can.

Among the most-needed items are hand sanitizer, goggles and handmade masks, both for staff as well as for patients and visitors, so they don’t need to use higher-grade masks. The hospital also is accepting disposable protective gear like gloves (non-latex), surgical caps and footwear, as well as hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

At this time, Southwesterb cannot accept medical devices, medications or linens.

Those with supplies and equipment to donate may contact Mary Towe, marketing and communications coordinator for SWMC at 580-531-4740 to arrange delivery.

Visit for instructions on how to make CDC-approved face coverings.


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