While SAT and ACT prep courses are common, one local ACT prep workshop will soon get the chance to be shared with educators from across the state.

This past spring, MacArthur High School science teacher Kimberly Jones established the Scores & Doors ACT prep program. Since March, Jones and several local student tutors have gathered on a handful of occasions to help high schoolers develop strategies for studying and attacking the ACT. Jones said she typically tries to hold the program a week before the ACT national test. What sets the program apart from others is it is divided into sessions, one dedicated to science and one dedicated to math. This way, if students feel they are only truly lacking in one area, they can focus two-plus hours on just that subject.

The next session of Scores and Doors will be held Saturday at the Patterson Community Center, No. 4 NE Arlington. The math session will be held from 9:30 a.m. to noon and science will be from 1-3 p.m.

The program is cost-free, which Jones said removes any barrier for anyone who might not be able to afford prep classes. The course is put on by the help of sponsors, including the City of Lawton, Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Delta Kappa and Alpha Kappa Alpha.

The program gets its name primarily from Jones’ desire to help students raise test scores and open doors to different career paths for them. However, Jones said the “scores” part also alludes to sports. She said she wants teens who have been active in athletics to approach the test like a sporting event: practice will pay off.

“I did it that way because they understand higher scores in the sporting arena means you’re the winner,” Jones said. “In the SAT, they’re the only players. We want to encourage them to practice hard and the results will come.”

Jones said the program has attracted students from Cache, Elgin, Indiahoma and Altus. And in a few months, even more people will get to learn about the program. In September, the national ACT Organization began looking for proposals for their annual state conferences. Jones submitted a presentation proposal and, earlier this week, was approved to speak at the Oklahoma state ACT conference at Oklahoma State University-Stillwater in March 2020.

“It gives people around the state an opportunity to see the Scores and Doors program we have in Lawton,” Jones said. “Other school districts and educators in Oklahoma will be there and they can adopt the Scores and Doors program if they so desire.”

While she is excited to give her presentation in March, Jones is focused on helping local students make the best scores they can to try earn as much scholarship money as possible.

“You want to walk on campus debt-free and leave campus debt-free,” she said.

For any more information, contact Patterson Center Director Yolanda Allen at 581-3485

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