"There are 10 counselors who have Master's degrees and are licensed," Dr. Charlie Baer, executive director, said. "People come to see us without insurance and we have a sliding scale and no-fee services. That's what the United Way helps with."

Baer went on to say that $200,000 in donations are received yearly and the United Way gives $18,000 per year.

"We serve 3,000 clients per year," Baer said. "Approximately 60 percent of our clients come from the Lawton/ Fort Sill area and 40 percent come from 35 different cities and 9 counties.

"The center is Christian-based and we integrate mental health services with Christian principals," he said. "We meet everyone at their station in life. You don't have to be Christian to get services here. Thirty percent of the clientele we serve don't go to church and don't believe in God."

There are 105 different churches represented at the center, according to Baer.

"How counselors interact with the client depends of the client's needs," he said. "We encourage good decision-making and clients make up their own minds.

"We strive to help anyone in need regardless of their ability to pay," Baer said. "We have to be successful in the fundraising aspect of the center. The foundation was formed by the Harvey House Family Trust and is continuing to assist us."

Some of the people and cases that are not treated at the center include:

--No psychotic disorders;

--No disability evaluations, and

--No court-ordered issues.

"Master level counselors are not allowed to provide evaluations in Oklahoma," Baer said. "We have a strict level of confidentiality and we go to great lengths to protect clients."

For more information, go by 5002 W. Lee or call 580-531-4512.

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