OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) announced that starting today, the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to Oklahomans registered in Phase 3 of the state’s vaccine distribution plan: Staff and students in educational settings outside of PreK-12 and critical infrastructure personnel.

This comes on the heels of opening vaccine appointments to all Oklahomans in Phase 2 last week, according to a press release.

“Thanks to increasing vaccine supply and the fluidity of our state distribution plan, we’re excited to open vaccine appointments to our next major priority groups. This also means different counties may be in different stages in the roll out based on their population and needs,” said Keith Reed, Deputy Commissioner of Health. “We worked quickly through our teachers and beat by over a week our goal to have every teacher have the opportunity to be vaccinated by Spring Break. That is giving us an opportunity to open to additional groups quicker than anticipated.”

“Phases 1, 2 and 3 cover nearly 3.5 million Oklahomans — so odds are, you are currently eligible for the vaccine. Please register in the Vaccine Scheduler Portal or talk to your medical provider to check your eligibility. If you’re currently eligible, we are encouraging you to sign up for the first available and convenient appointment for you. Getting a vaccine will not only protect you and others, but it will also help us slow the rate of communal transmission and bring us one step closer to being together again.”

Eligibility in each of these groups is outlined in Oklahoma’s distribution plan as the following:

Teachers, students aged 18 and older, residents and administrative staff in educational settings outside PreK-12, including but not limited to:

Childcare facilities

Early childhood facilities

Colleges and universities

Career and vocational technology centers

Other post-secondary institutions

Estimated Population: 933,000

Critical infrastructure personnel as specified in the Governor’s 3rd executive order who are at high risk of exposure to, transmission of, and morbidity and mortality resulting from COVID infection.

Estimated Population: 1,500,000

Oklahomans among the new priority groups are encouraged to register through the state’s Vaccine Scheduler Portal if they haven’t done so already. After registration, they will see available appointments on the portal starting today. As a reminder, vaccine appointments are also available through many other local pandemic providers across the state.

The vaccine is available at no cost to all eligible groups in phase 1, 2 and 3. To schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to register to receive a notification when you will be eligible, please use the Vaccine Scheduler Portal here: https://vaccinate.oklahoma.gov/.

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