A Lawton police officer reported being assaulted by an aggressive and suicidal hospital patient with Hepatitis C.

The officer, who is not being identified due to HIPAA policy, was at Comanche County Memorial Hospital around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday to relieve officers staying with a suicidal man. The man was sitting upright on a bed with just leg shackles and no handcuffs.

When the other officers left, the man said he wanted to leave and go smoke. According to the report, when the officer told him he couldn’t, the man got up to get his phone on a nearby counter and was told “no” and to sit back down. He refused and the officer forced him back onto the bed.

Citing the man’s “aggressive mannerism,” the officer tried to turn him to his side and put him in handcuffs, the officer’s report states. This began a struggle where the man twisted and screamed, spitting in the officer’s face while trying to push away.

The officer gained the upper hand, turned the man’s face to the wall and continued to struggle and push away. He hit the officer with a semi-clenched fist and clawed his face and neck on the left side of the head, striking the ear and temple and scratching his neck, according to the report. He also pulled his legs up to kick back. The officer punched the man in the left side of the face, dazing him briefly.

While on top of the man in another effort to restrain him, the officer said multiple nurses heard the ruckus, ran into the room and tried to get him off the man, the report states. One handcuff was put on the man and the other locked to the bed.

Security staff and other officers came into the room “due to my presence making (the man) more aggressive,” the officer said. He later learned from hospital staff the man has Hepatitis C. His condition is being monitored for exposure.

Written by Scott Rains: srains@swoknews.com.

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