A 38-year-old Duncan man accused of killing another man as part of an ongoing feud about a woman has now been accused of murder in the case.

A second-degree murder charge was amended to the case against Steven Charles Ekaitis, a.k.a. Steven Hall, in Stephens County District Court on Oct. 18, court records indicate. He was originally charged May 29 with felony charges of use of a vehicle to facilitate discharge of firearm and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony after two or more felonies, court records indicate.

Ekaitis is accused of killing Odis Turner Jr., 50, during an incident at 1835 West Osage Road. Turner is originally from Texas but had been living in Duncan.

Turner was found lying on the ground dead from a bullet wound to the chest, according to the court affidavit. A woman and another man at the scene were questioned by police.

While police were at the scene, Ekaitis called 911 and confessed to the shooting and said he was at 1000 North Primrose in Duncan. Police found him in the home’s swimming pool.

The woman told investigators she’d been partnered with Turner for six years. According to the affidavit, she said she’d gotten into an argument with Turner and had gone to a friend’s house on Cedar Street. She said she was at Ekaitis’ home getting a tattoo; he had lived with her and Turner for about two months but hadn’t had recent contact. She said Turner had made threats to her and Ekaitis.

A male witness said Turner showed up at the Osage Road Home the next night. The woman had told him that Turner said he was coming to the home and she became scared and was gathering her belongings to leave when he arrived. She told investigators Ekaitis knew Turner was coming and he’d sent her to the back of the house. Later, she heard yelling with Turner at the front door and then, “the next thing she heard was a gunshot,” according to the affidavit.

The woman said she freaked out and didn’t know what happened but when she went to the door, she saw a hole in it. She looked out and saw someone taking things from Turner’s car and then saw Turner lying on the ground and she knew he’d been shot.

She has not been charged in connection with the case, but witness statements offer potential incriminating allegations.

When asked what happened, the male witness said, “a guy got shot, he tried to break-in, his old lady was there and he got (expletive), he opened the plexiglass door and Steve shot him,” the affidavit states.

He said Turner had been by the house two weeks before banging on the door but did not come in and that this time, Turner came inside. He said the lock on the door wasn’t hitched correctly and Turner pushed his way inside. He said Ekaitis had a small, silver .22 caliber pistol before the shooting and that he saw him shoot the gun during the incident, although he wasn’t sure if it went through the door or an open crack. He said Ekaitis fled through a window.

Police recovered a .22 caliber shell casing inside the door and another to match it was found on Osage Road.

The witness said Ekaitis got into his truck and tried to leave but he stopped him. That’s when, he said, Ekaitis pointed the pistol at him and told him to get into the truck, which he did, the affidavit states. He said Ekaitis saw two other people who had been at the home who were walking and that Ekaitis drove past them, stopped and fired three shots at the two but didn’t hit either one. He said Ekaitis threw the gun out of the window near a home he thought was his dad’s.

In a later interview, the first male witness said he and Ekaitis had gone Friday to a gun range, bought bullets and practiced shooting the gun. That night, he said the woman and Ekaitis sent antagonizing texts to Turner in effort to get him to come to the house, the affidavit states. He said Ekaitis and the woman knew an hour ahead of Turner’s arrival he was coming.

The witness said Ekaitis was “high on meth” and going around the house turning off lights and waiting for Turner’s arrival with the intention to shoot him once inside the house, according to the affidavit. He said Ekaitis and the woman were both “doing dope” and talked about planning the incident, including who would ultimately pull the trigger. When Turner arrived, he said the woman was freaking out. He described Ekaitis as keeping cool with the plan by latching the top lock of the door and when Turner pushed on the door, “it partially opened and that is when Ekaitis shot.”

During his interview, Ekaitis said he thought Turner was a friend but that he “had a paranoid schizophrenic side he had no idea of,” according to the affidavit. He said he’d helped Turner and the woman move from their home on Elder when they were evicted. He said when the woman was kicked out of her sister’s home in Chickasha, he let her stay with him and that Turner had come to the house and had threatened him with a small bat during a prior incident several weeks before. He said he felt threatened due to the couple fighting in his house and that it caused his wife and kids to leave him and move out of state.

Ekaitis told investigators that on Sunday night, Turner came banging on his door and tried to get inside when a gunshot round went off and he yelled for him to leave, according to the affidavit. He said Turner was trying to kick in his door and he felt threatened so he shot him.

Following the shooting, Ekaitis said he drove to his father’s house left the gun in the kitchen before backing up and saying that “it’s a lie,” the affidavit states. He said the people who were walking had been with him in the truck got out and went towards his father’s house and when he yelled at them, he thought one person made a gesture like he was pulling out a gun and that’s why he fired his pistol.

It was learned that Ekaitis’ real name was Steven Hall and that he had prior felony convictions, according to the affidavit.

Ekaitis, a.k.a. Hall, has prior felony convictions from California: March 2009, assault with dangerous weapon to officer or fireman, taking vehicle without owner consent, obstruction/resisting executive officer; June 2012, felon/addict in possession of a firearm; February 2015, bringing controlled substance into prison; August 2017, possessing controlled substance for sale, according to records.

Police later recovered the gun near Camelback Road and the Oklahoma 7 Bypass.

Ekaitis is remains in the Stephens County Detention Center on $5 million bond. His preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Nov. 15, records indicate.

Written by Scott Rains: srains@swoknews.com.

Written by Scott Rains: srains@swoknews.com.

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