The tale of attempted of plunder of chairs from the patio of a Lawton restaurant Friday morning would prove to be tough to unweave.

LPD Officer Carlos Aguayo reported traveling westbound on West Gore Boulevard shortly after 5 a.m. when he turned north onto Sheridan Road and heard a loud noise coming from Atlanta Bread, No. 2 N. Sheridan. What he saw was a white pickup backed up to the southeast corner near the patio area and a black male holding chairs.

Aguayo turned around to check out the scene and saw the truck attempt to leave, the report states. The officer hit his lights and stopped the truck. After detaining the driver, Aguayo said the man kept insisting to tell him what happened. After accepting his Miranda Rights, the man did just that.

“Yes I do and have been trying to tell you what really is going on” began the driver’s tale, according to the report.

He said he’d received a phone call from an old friend he only knows as “Terrance” who asked him to pick some items that were supposedly given to him. The man said he drove to the restaurant and “Terrance” told him to pull up to the patio area. When he parked, the man said he heard the sound of “Terrance” loading chairs into his truck and he drove off, which is when Aguayo saw him. “Terrance” was left behind and walked off to somewhere unknown, the report states.

The truck’s passenger said the driver had picked him up from a friend’s house where he was sleeping. The man said he fallen back asleep in the truck and didn’t wake up until police lights were behind them in the parking lot, according to the report.

When asked by Aguayo about the chairs, he asked the officer if the other two were detained. When told it was just him and the driver, Aguayo said the man laughed and said “What about ‘Terrance,’ the man that dresses like a female and wig?”

The restaurant managers showed Aguayo the security video of the incident. It showed “Terrance” get out of the passenger side and go into the patio and grab the chairs to load into the back of the truck just before it left quickly, leaving “Terrance” stranded with the chairs, the report states.

The chairs were recovered and returned to Atlanta Bread. Officers found a bag containing 1.8 gram of marijuana in the parking lot.

Aguayo reported the passenger was released without charges. The driver was given an arrest and summons for petit larceny.

Written by Scott Rains:

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