A Mangum pharmacist was ordered to spend just over three years in federal prison and pay over $1 million restitution after pleading guilty for his role in a health care fraud scheme.

Jeffrey Scott Terry, 38, was sentenced Thursday to serve 37 months in federal prison for the crime, along with three years of supervised released, according to U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Downing.

Judge Scott L. Palk also ordered Terry to complete 100 hours of community service.

In announcing the sentence, Palk cited the nature and seriousness of the offense and the need to deter others from engaging in similar conduct, Downing said in a statement. Terry was ordered to pay restitution of $328,836.18 to SoonerCare and $753,334.13 to Medicare, for a total of $1,082,170.31. Palk also ordered Terry to forfeit real property in Greer County along with a 2016 Dodge Challenger.

According to the March 2019 indictment, Terry was a licensed pharmacist who began operating Bratton Drug at 109 S. Oklahoma in Mangum in August 2015. Both the Oklahoma Health Care Authority — which administers Medicaid under the name SoonerCare — and Medicare reimbursed Bratton Drug for prescription drugs that it dispensed. The indictment alleged that from August 2015 to September 2018, Terry submitted false claims to SoonerCare and Medicare Part D for drugs that had not actually been prescribed or dispensed to patients.

In a separate action, the United States filed a civil action pursuant to the Anti-Fraud Injunction Statute and obtained an injunction to prohibit Terry from dissipating or alienating assets he accumulated as a result of the false claims. On Aug. 12, 2019, Terry entered a guilty plea before Palk to one count relating to Medicaid and one count relating to Medicare.

Attorney General Mike Hunter cited the role Medicaid and Medicare serve for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

“To defraud it, as Jeff Terry did, is disgraceful. I appreciate U.S. District Judge Scott L. Palk for sending him to prison and holding him accountable,” Hunter said in a statement. “I am also thankful for our strong partnership with U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma Tim Downing, whose team was instrumental in bringing Terry to justice. We will continue to combine our resources to ensure taxpayer money and Oklahomans are protected.”

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

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