Police are investigating a Saturday morning active shooting incident outside a Lawton venue by a man the victims knew as “Active.”

It began with 911 calls of multiple shots fired outside the Lavish Lounge, 1015 SW Park.

Officers were called shortly after 2:20 a.m. and arrived soon after where the venue owner told them only a “minor scuffle” happened on his property, according to the report. Unable to investigate further at that time, police left.

But at 2:45 a.m., police were informed that two gunshot victims had arrived at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. They said they’d arrived from the Lavish Lounge, the report states.

The victim told LPD Officer Drue Watkins he’d been attacked and shot at the venue by a man wearing all yellow who goes by the street name of “Active,” the report states.

The second “supposed” victim was found to not be suffering from a gunshot wound but had facial injuries consistent with being punched, Watkins said. He was wearing an all yellow sweat suit and goes by the name of “Active,” according to the report.

A woman arrived at the hospital around 3:30 a.m. and she was also suffering from a gunshot wound. She said she and the first man had been attacked by “Active” who fired a gun at them at the venue, the report states. She said another woman also was shooting at them. Police were not able to locate the female suspect.

The wounded woman said she and the man left the scene in a friend’s silver Ford Escape. As they fled, the gunshots followed after them. She also identified “Active” as the shooter. The vehicle was taken by police for further investigation.

As the investigation continued, Watkins said “Active” tried to leave the hospital several times and had to be restrained by nursing staff and police. According to the report, his final attempt to leave ended when an officer deployed his Taser, which connected to the man’s face and stopped him from leaving.

“Active” was arrested for disturbing the peace, resisting police, assault with a dangerous weapon, and assault with a deadly weapon, the report states. It was learned he had an active arrest warrant from Denton County, Texas, for theft of a firearm, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and unlawful carrying of a firearm. It was also learned he has an “extensive history of felony gun charges and resisting police officers.”

When officers returned to the Lavish Lounge around 4:30 a.m., several 9mm pistol shell casings were found littered throughout the parking lot, according to Watkins. They were collected as evidence.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

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