A Thursday morning kidnapping call resulted in Lawton police arresting a man.

LPD Sgt. Billy Hicks reported being called to 2315 NW Denver on the report of a person being held against their will.

The homeowner told Hicks she rents the room to a woman and that around 7 a.m., she’d awakened to hear the renter arguing with a man in her room with the door closed, the report states. She said the woman told the man not to touch her and to leave because she had to get dressed for court at 9 a.m. The man had been told on several occasions that he can’t be on the property.

Hicks said he heard the woman crying and asking the man “why was he doing this to her. Hicks knocked on the door and found the man attempting to run out of the back door, only to be stopped by another officer who put him in handcuffs, the report states.

The woman said it began around 3:20 a.m. when she heard someone trying to unlock the back door from outside with a key, according to the report. She got up, locked the door and asked who was there before realizing it was the man trying to get inside. She said she held the door closed and put a door stop in front of it to secure it.

No longer in a relationship together, the woman said she is now dating someone else but the man refuses to leave her alone, according to Hicks. She said he threatened to hit her in the face and made several gestures that he would do so, the report states. If she cried out too loudly, she said, the man would tell her he was going to hit her in the face and suffocate her and even pulled out his knife once to make her believe she was going to be stabbed if she didn’t answer questions about who she had been with.

The woman said she asked the man to leave several times but it made him angry. When she tried to call for her roommate, she said the man would get in her face, “shake from rage” and tell her to shut up or “… I’ll beat you to death,” according to the report.

Police arrested the man for kidnapping and he was taken to the city jail. Hicks reported finding a key and pocket knife in the man’s front pocket.

Written by Scott Rains: srains@swoknews.com.

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