A Lawton man is in jail after a bar owner placed him under citizen’s arrest for trespassing Saturday afternoon.

Police were called to the 1100 block of Southwest Summit Avenue because a male was attempting to pick a locked door, according to police reports.

When officers arrived they saw a man kicking the door to the local bar. When the man noticed police officers, he removed his shirt and began yelling at the officers. Officers ordered the man to sit down, at which time he removed a large kitchen knife and threw it on the ground.

After placing the man in handcuffs, officers spoke with the bar owner who said the man had been served a beer. The man, against the advice of the bartender, took the beer outside the establishment. The owner followed the man out to demand he return the beverage. He then threw the bottle at the owner at which point the owner told the man to leave. The man then charged toward the door but the owner was able to close and lock it before the man was able to reenter the bar. According to the police report the man then began to yell threats while kicking the door and at some point attempted to pick the lock.

The man told officers he was kicking the door because he believed his brother was being held against his will in the bar. After three attempts by police to talk with the brother, he finally identified himself and came outside. Once outside the brother told the man to “quit acting stupid.”

Officers then heard the man threaten to kill the owner for holding his brother against his will. The officers asked the owner if they would like to place the man under citizen’s arrest, to which the owner replied, “yes, he threatened me.”

The officers then completed a citizen’s arrest against the man for criminal trespassing and threatening to perform acts of violence, according to the report.

The man was then transported to the city jail were, according to reports, he became even more un-compliant.