A Thursday night traffic stop turned into an entirely unrelated situation when a woman yelled for help.

She claimed her roommate’s friend freaked out with a sword while screaming for his hoodie.

Lawton Police Officer Richard Hackley reported being on a traffic stop shortly after 11 a.m. at the intersection of Northwest 13th Street and Gore Boulevard when the woman came yelling at him for help while she ran north on 13th Street.

The woman said she’d been home in the unit block of Southwest C Avenue when her roommate’s friend, a Native American man standing 6 feet, 5 inches with black curly hair and who goes by “K.G.”, started yelling about his hoodie and began swinging a sword, the report states. She told him she didn’t know about the hoodie. That’s when, she said, he punched her on the forehead before he yelled some more. When she found an opening, she said, she took off running from the home and screamed for help.

Hackley said there was a knot on the left side of her forehead that evidenced the assault. After being treated at the scene, the officer took her to another home for her safety.

Written by Scott Rains: