DUNCAN — A Lawton teen is in jail following allegations of a violent string of events beginning Nov. 17.

In Stephens County, it started with a burglary that devolved into accusations he tried to flee, then spit on tried to fight law enforcement during an ill-fated escape from his cell.

Isaiah Derant Carpenter, 19, made his initial appearances Monday in Stephens County District Court. Investigators say they believe the chain of events began in Lawton.

In his first case, Carpenter was charged with felony counts of first-degree burglary and attempted escape from arrest or detention, as well as misdemeanor counts of obstructing police and assault and battery, records indicate. The burglary count is punishable by between 7 and 20 years in prison; 85 percent of the sentence would have to be served before becoming eligible for parole.

Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Vann spoke with a Marlow homeowner at 166914 9-Mile Road who said he was sitting in his living room playing video games when he heard the front doorbell ring. No one was at the door when he checked.

The man said he went to his kitchen and saw a male with a black jacket who was carrying a backpack and walking around the side of the home. He called his friend to come over. That’s when, he said, Carpenter peered into his tinted windows, according to the probable cause affidavit.

He said the teen went to the back door and put his shoulder into the frame, breaking it. He yelled and Carpenter responded, “I’m just looking for food,” the affidavit states. He told Carpenter to leave and said the response was a threat. The homeowner swung a grill spatula Carpenter’s way. He said he was punched in the chest before the would-be intruder ran away.

Carpenter ran to Oklahoma 7 where he flagged down an eastbound car. That’s when the homeowner’s friend arrived. He began to follow the car, signaling for it to pull over, according to the affidavit.

When the car pulled over, the friend said he told the driver why he was following and who was in the passenger seat. The driver kicked Carpenter out. Carpenter said, “I’m not trying to get shot by cops,” the affidavit states. He ran off and jumped a fence behind a hay barn. The friend and homeowner drove closer to the barn.

Carpenter walked out toward them and reached into his backpack, according to the friend. The homeowner believed he saw the butt of a handgun so he grabbed his unloaded rifle from his truck and showed it to the teen, according to the affidavit. The teen ran across the highway, hopped a fence and went into the woods.

Law enforcement officers found Carpenter a short while later on 3 Mile Road. After being handcuffed, Vann said Carpenter tried to flee but didn’t get far and was taken back into custody, the affidavit states. The deputy said he continued to resist and pull away and was eventually put into leg restraints. Carpenter gave a false name but documents in his backpack revealed his identity, according to Vann.

More charges, including one with the possibility of life in prison, would follow once Carpenter was held at the Stephens County Detention Center.

On Nov. 18, Carpenter covered the camera in his cell and refused to uncover it when detention officers outside his cell told him to, the affidavit states. Three officers went in the cell and Carpenter is accused of hitting two in the face while spitting in the other’s face.

Security video showed Carpenter push the door open and escape. Video showed him punch one officer in the face again, knocking him to the floor, before rushing toward another and punching her in the face, according to the affidavit.

Deputy Dexter Lawley said blood was seen pouring from her face and it was later learned she’d broken her nose. The other officer suffered three different facial fractures that will need surgery in the future, the affidavit states.

Carpenter returned to his cell and Lawley said he refused to come out when ordered. Officers went in and strapped him into a restraint chair, according to the affidavit. Lawley said he continued spitting on officers.

Carpenter also was charged with felony counts of aggravated assault and battery upon a peace officer, attempted escape from a penal institution, and two counts of a prisoner placing body fluid on a government employee, records indicate. The aggravated assault charge is punishable by up to life in prison.

Held on two $250,000 individual bonds, $500,000 in total, Carpenter returns to court at 9 a.m. Feb. 16, 2022, for his preliminary hearing conferences, records indicate.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.