Employe of the year for McDonalds

Perry Hudgies, left, and McDonald’s General Manager Tiffany Newton pose at the store on Northwest 82nd Street.

A job well done pays off.

Perry Hudgies’ good work just paid off, as he recently won McDonald’s Employee of the Year award. Hudgies, Guest Experience Lead at the McDonald’s on 1948 NW 82nd, was presented the award on Jan. 9.

Hudgies won the award because of the amount and quality of feedback that customers gave about him, according to Tiffany Newton, General Manager of the McDonald’s 82nd location. Hudgies received by far the most and the best feedback. Newton estimates that Perry receives feedback at least 70-80 times per month.

Newton said that Hudgies had not won Employee of the Month, and people were asking why he had not won it yet. Newton said she knew for quite some time that he would win Employee of the Year but had to keep that information to herself so that it would remain a surprise.

On the day of the award presentation, Newton sent Hudgies to the Cache Road McDonald’s to train a new employee at the kiosk. It turned out to be a distraction to keep Hudgies busy away from the store, as it was a false errand so that everyone at the McDonald’s on 82nd Street could decorate and prepare for the presentation. Newton called Hudgies back when they were ready to present the award.

“I love him. I wouldn’t trade him for the world,” Newton said of Perry. “He makes me proud.”

“I was speechless and overwhelmed,” Hudgies said about when he was presented with the award. A day later, “I’m still speechless and overwhelmed,” Hudgies said. “It’s hard to find the words to describe my feelings. I’ve never received an award like that.”

Hudgies said that when he came back he saw the “upper echelon members of management there and was wondering what was going on.” He saw his wife there as well, who was invited there by Newton to share the moment.

Hudgies served in the military for 10 years.

He is also a deacon at his church. Hudgies said, “I give all the glory to God. I feel that God put me in this position.”

He says that his position has given him the opportunity to minister to people. His work at the kiosk and walking around the store and asking customers how their meal is gives people an opportunity to share details of their lives with him.

“They may say that they are sick, lost loved ones or need surgery. On the spot, I start praying if they don’t mind,” Hudgies said.

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