A 56-year-old landlord is wanted for hitting a woman with a shovel, cracking her elbow and rupturing her spleen.

The Comanche County District Court issued a felony arrest warrant Thursday for Steven Duane Sandy for the allegation of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, records indicate. The crime is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The victim told police she’d been assaulted on April 12 by her landlord, Sandy. According to the probable cause affidavit, she and her husband were walking up to the home when Sandy appeared with a shovel in his hand.

The woman said Sandy swung the shovel at her husband, who was able to dodge the hit. She wasn’t so lucky. She said Sandy turned and hit her twice with the shovel, knocking her to the ground, the affidavit states. She said he said “pay your rent (racial expletive)" as he hit her with the shovel.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she learned her elbow had been cracked and spleen ruptured, according to the affidavit. Death can follow a ruptured spleen due to internal bleeding. You can also live without a spleen but it puts you in danger for life-threatening infections.

Sandy’s cash warrant bond was set at $50,000.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.