ANADARKO — A 51-year-old Kiowa tribal member was found dead Sunday after freezing to death in an abandoned pickup parked in back of an Anadarko home.

Truman “T.L.” Leon Baker was found dead Sunday by his brother who was checking on him at a home on Ware’s Road about 10 miles southwest of Anadarko.

Family members told Kiowa News and Public Relations (KNPR) that it was not unusual for Baker to go and stay at different places for days, but the freezing temperatures got them worried and that’s when they started their search.

Robert ‘Whitey’ Baker, the older brother, found Baker in an abandoned pickup truck parked in the back of the house. His sister Bambi Allen said they started their search days ago and the truck out back was covered in snow, according to Neely Tsoodle, Kiowa Tribe public information officer.

“They even looked in the house and never thought of looking in the abandoned truck,” she said.

Allen said the house was stocked with food and firewood and family members didn’t quite understand why he went to the truck. However, she did mention he has a health condition that causes him to have delirious moments which could have led him to the abandoned truck in the back.

Baker’s death doesn’t appear to be suspicious, just a sad and unfortunate occurrence, according to Tsoodle.

“We are saddened that this happened to one of our tribal members or to anyone,” said Kiowa Tribal Chairman Matthew Komalty. “We prayed over our people and others that this type of situation would not happen. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.”

Allen said that the body will be taken to the medical examiner because of strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocol.

There was no word from the BIA on just how long Baker had been deceased.

Written by Scott Rains:

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