County tax time

Stacy Crow prepares the 2020 county tax bills for mailing out to Comanche County residents.

‘Tis the season to pay taxes and the Comanche County Treasurer’s office is blessing thousands with a bill of their own.

The treasurer’s office spent Monday preparing 53,768 tax notices, with an estimated value of $75 million, to be sent out to Comanche County residents.

County Treasurer Rhonda Brantley said the full payment or half payment must be paid by Dec. 31 to avoid a delinquency. The second half is due March 31, 2021. Brantley said for those paying half, a statement for the second half will be sent out March 1, 2021.

Because of COVID-19, Brantley is encouraging everyone to mail in their payment or pay online. For those who wish to pay in person, there will be drop boxes located outside the treasurer’s office and just inside the entrance to county offices. However, she said those using the drop boxes should not pay with cash.

“We strongly recommend mailing in your statement or paying online,” Brantley said. “We’re here to answer the phone if anyone has questions. If they need a receipt after they mail it in, we can help with that over the phone. We will accommodate any way we can, but we would like people to not visit the office unless absolutely necessary.”

Brantley said the statements will be mailed out today and they should start appearing in people’s mailboxes by Wednesday. However if someone hasn’t received theirs by Nov. 23, then they should contact the treasurer’s office for another copy.

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