All he wanted was a cup of coffee, he claimed.

Yet, police determined it didn’t justify his screaming and public nudity.

Police were called shortly before 5 a.m. Monday to Stripes, 604 SW 11th, on the report of a man exposing himself and creating a disturbance. Officers found the man lying in the middle of the parking lot, yelling, the report states. He said he wanted a cup of coffee and the store employee wouldn’t let him in. So, he said he called her a “provocative name.”

The store employee said the man, who has previously been banned, began to yell, hit the windows, knocked over a trash can and created a disturbance. Then, she said he dropped trousers, walked to a window and exposed himself, the report states. She wished to press charges.

The man was arrested and booked into jail for indecent exposure.

Written by Scott Rains:

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