Lawton’s complex for military defense contractors has its first long-term tenant even though its new housing still is under renovation.

The FISTA Development Trust Authority said Tuesday that Camgian Microsystems Corporation has signed a long-term lease with FISTA (FIRES Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator). The development trust authority was designated by the City Council in January to operate the FISTA, which is being placed in vacant retail space in Central Plaza, to include space formerly occupied by Sears.

FISTA Director James Taylor said while there are other tenants in the Business Integration Center (temporary space created from the former IBC Bank on the north side of the mall), Camgian is the first contractor to sign a lease to move into space that will become available when the Sears renovation is completed. That work on what is now designated FISTA I is expected to be finished and Camgian moved in by mid-2022, Taylor said.

Camgian, founded in 2006 headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi, signed its contract for space within the FISTA Oct. 8, with officials saying they would “directly support technology development” for the two U.S. Army Cross-Functional Teams housed at Fort Sill and the post’s FIRES Center of Excellence.

According to FISTA officials, the company delivers intelligent software services powered by data science and artificial intelligence that drive operational speed, scope and scale. The company “operates within the vast domains of autonomous systems, knowledge mining, surveillance and recon, alternative data and industrial automation,” they said.

“Camgian is excited to join the FISTA team helping the Army develop new AI and machine learning technologies to maintain an asymmetric advantage in future warfare,” said Camgian Chairman and CEO Gary Butler, in a statement.

Experts said Camgian is pioneering a new generation of intelligence automation technologies that address key needs in the commercial and national security markets.

Taylor said Camgian is a key component in what FISTA and its directors are trying to accomplish. He said FISTA’s mission is a change from previous economic development efforts, in that efforts are focused on what Fort Sill and the Army needs.

“Camgian is not only our first contract, but a very significant contributor and collaborator in the success of our mission in the FISTA to accelerate opportunities from organizations like Camgian to provide direct support in meeting requirements, shortfalls and filling gaps identified by the CFTs (Cross-Functional Teams) and FCOE (FIRES Center of Excellence),” he said.

While Camgian is FISTA’s first long-term lease, Taylor said officials are working on another contract for another contractor that plans to become a long-term tenant. Taylor said that FISTA is continuing to work with Dynetics Technical Solutions, which is one of three firms that have from two to four employees in the Business Integration Center.

Raytheon Technologies became the third tenant of the technology park in July, joining Dynetics and Nemean Solutions after they announced in May.

All four tenants are expected to work with the two U.S. Army Cross-Functional Teams housed at Fort Sill: long range precision fire (identified by the Army as its top modernization project) and air and missile defense. Dynetics and Nemean both are involved in cyber and electromagnetics/artificial intelligence activities.

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