Drive-thru COVID-19 clinic

Vehicles lined up in the Comanche County Memorial Hospital drive-thru screening clinic for COVID-19 is seeing a lot of traffic from the health complex, 3811 W. Gore, parking lot. One of two confirmed Comanche County cases of COVID-19 was identified from the clinic.

Health officials announced Wednesday that there are two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Comanche County.

“We have two confirmed cases and possibly more,” said Brandie Combs, District 5/Southwest Oklahoma Department of Health. “Both are isolated.”

Combs could not elaborate further as to the ages of the two patients, where they are from or where they are being quarantined and/or treated.

“The Comanche County Health Department is currently conducting investigations with both positive cases in order to identify all contacts,” Combs said. “Close personal contacts will be notified, isolated and monitored daily by the CCHD.”

Comanche County Memorial Hospital healthcare officials received the results Wednesday morning, according to Nicole Jolly, Memorial’s marketing director.

One patient was tested through the hospital screening protocol at CCMH and the other patient was screened and tested at the assessment drive-thru center at the health complex, 3811 W. Gore. Patients and staff who have been in contact with these patients have been notified and all safeguards remain in place, Jolly said.

Combs said that more information about each case might be released early today.

Memorial Hospital is in direct contact with the Comanche County Health Department, which is taking the lead in the case investigations, according to Jolly.

The news followed the morning reception of test results following the State Health Department’s posting of numbers of those affected throughout the state. Combs said the newly identified cases would be reflected in Thursday’s totals. The numbers post at 7 a.m. each day on

CCMH’s outdoor clinical assessment center continues to operate from 2-6 p.m. daily in the parking area of its clinic, located immediately west of Stripes on the northwest corner of West Gore Boulevard and Northwest 38th Street.

Patients are asked to enter the complex via its rear entrance on Northwest Arlington Avenue (the first street north of West Gore Boulevard), on the north edge of the clinic complex.

The doctor that you take the test from is who notifies you if you test positive for COVID-19. If you’re not receiving a call from a doctor or who you took the test from, it’s not real, according to experts consulted. There are no valid at-home tests available at this time.

As a reminder, Jolly said no visitors are permitted in the hospital with very few exceptions such as end-of-life situations.

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