Jenessa Thompson

Cyril sophomore Jenessa Thompson was airlifted to OU Medical Center with severe head injuries and a broken jaw after a goalpost on the Cyril football field collapsed onto her head.

CYRIL — Cyril High School student expected to make full recovery after goal post falls on her head.

Jenessa Thompson, a sophomore cheerleader, was airlifted to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center in Oklahoma City with severe head injuries and a broken jaw after a goalpost on the football field toppled over and landed on her head. It was also reported that cheer coach Taylor Reynolds suffered an ankle injury from the collapse, but not further information was provided.

Debbie Thompson, grandmother to the injured cheerleader, spoke from the hospital and said Jenessa was awake and talking — asking her mother if she could return to school the next day. Thompson said Jenessa was transferred from the emergency room to the Intensive Care Unit where doctors would keep her under observation for at least two days.

“We’re not out of the woods yet but we’ve witnessed a miracle,” Thompson said. “There was so much blood, but doctors said there is no brain bleeding, but she does have a broken jaw.”

Doctors told Thompson that they would “keep close tabs” on Janessa and while not ruling out surgery or neck injuries just yet, are expecting the teen to make a full recovery.

Thompson said the squad, along with their coach were taking pictures under the goalpost, with at least two girls on top of the post, when it collapsed. Cyril Public Schools has not released a statement as to the cause of the goalpost falling.

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