Police said a sex offender who failed to register also failed at flight after jumping out a patrol unit.

Lawton Police Sgt. Jeremy Coe reported being called to assist with a search warrant around 3 p.m. Thursday at a trailer at 40 NE 25th. He was told if the man was at the home, he was to be detained for failure to register as a sex offender.

Coe said the man was standing outside the home when he arrived. According to the report, despite Coe recognizing him, the man tried to claim another identity. When told that Coe had his photo, the man admitted he was who was wanted.

He was first arrested for failure to register. By the time he was booked into jail, he would receive three more charges for detention.

After Coe walked away from his patrol unit to help the man’s father who had fallen on the ice, Sgt. Elijah Garcia arrived and noticed the man had jumped out of the patrol unit’s window, the report states. With his hands cuffed behind him, the man had somehow worked his window down and jumped out the window. With his flight landing only a few feet from the car, he was taken back into custody. Now he was also accused of escape from confinement and was taken to the City Jail without further incident. That is, until booking.

While at the jail, a syringe, straw and alligator clip was found in one of the man’s pockets, and a small baggie containing 2.04 grams of a methamphetamine was found in another, according to the report. He was then booked for additional counts of possession of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Written by Scott Rains:

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