The following business categories have been exempted from the City of Lawton's amended Civil Emergency Proclamation, issued Wednesday to help contain the spread of COVID-19. General categories of exempted businesses are:

• PUBLIC SAFETY, including police, fire, E-911, EMS and road maintenance.

• NON-ELECTIVE HEALTHCARE, including pharmacies, hospitals, medical clinics, home health care services, mental health services and veterinarian care. Stitt's Safer at Home directive also cancels non-emergency, elective health care, a decision that Comanche County Memorial Hospital, Southwestern Medical Center and Duncan Regional Hospital already had announced.

• WATER AND SANITATION and OTHER CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE, including those needed to produce and provide water, garbage and trash removal, and sewage collection and treatment, as well as laundry mats.

• GOVERNMENT, including essential governmental needs/services.

• COMMUNICATION, including infrastructure and service for telephone, cable and internet.

• UTILITIES, including gas and electric.

• FUEL, including gas stations, fuel delivery and similar businesses.

• FOOD/GROCERIES, including grocery stores, restaurants that offer take-out and drive-through, convenience stores, pet stores/pet care, farmers markets and food banks.


• DAY CARE FACILITIES, deemed essential all the way to the federal level to give essential workers a care option for their children.

• TRANSPORTATION, including buses, taxis, airports and other modes of individual transportation services, including the sale of vehicle.

• DELIVERY AND SHIPPING, including trucking industry, delivery services and postal services.

• NEWS MEDIA, including newspapers, radio and television news.

• HOUSING, including shelters, hotels/motels, apartments and homes.

• REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE AND CONSTRUCTION, those focused on essential needs and/or essential businesses and/or critical infrastructure, including repair and maintenance businesses, construction companies, businesses supplying equipment, parts and materials needed for such repairs, maintenance and construction. This category also will include lawn/landscape maintenance and automotive repair.

• MANUFACTURING, of essential goods.

• LIQUOR STORES, may remain open and patrons may enter the facility. Curbside service and delivery are encouraged. Social distancing direction and posted signage is required by these business owners in order to protect staff and citizens.

• PLAYGROUNDS, closed due to concern for COVID-19 spread on equipment. However, parks and lakes remain open. Social distancing is required and there may be no more than 10 people gathered in a social setting in a recreation area. The Thunder Court in west Lawton is closed; residents are asked to avoid close contact sports.


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