DUNCAN — Duncan Public Schools will has canceled classes for the rest of the week, after 20 percent of faculty and staff reported sick with various illnesses.

According to a message posted on the Duncan Public Schools website, all activities and classes will be canceled from today until Tuesday. Superintendent Tom Deighan said classes could be out longer if staff shortages continue.

“With new CDC guidelines, it seems like five days should break the cycle,” Deighan said. “We’ll meet again later to see if numbers improve, but it comes down to us having enough staff to safely run the district.”

Deighan said that calculating the number of staff members out for COVID-19 versus other illnesses has been difficult, as testing centers in Duncan have been overwhelmed by a recent surge.

Duncan Public Schools Administration has held regular meetings since the pandemic began. This week has been particularly troubling, with 14 percent of staff out of commission on Tuesday, and 20 percent out Wednesday. Deighan said this surge has overtaken all other school business usually discussed.

“Weeks like this, all we do is meet about COVID numbers,” Deighan said.

While some schools in the area are switching to distance learning for the remainder of the week, Deighan said he didn’t feel he had enough teaching staff available to hold classes virtually.

“I don’t want to put teachers in a position where they have to conduct class while sick,” Deighan said.

The school will instead use banked inclement weather days for the two missed days of classes.