Deputies debrief following standoff

Comanche County Sheriff’s Deputies debrief as others continue to collect evidence following a Friday morning standoff that began with an eviction service.

Comanche County Sheriff’s Deputies engaged in a standoff with a Lawton man Friday morning when he refused an eviction service.

A deputy serving an eviction notice was resisted by a man at a home in the 700 block of Southwest A Avenue, according to Undersheriff Doyle Tosh.

“It’s what we call a forcible entering and detainer,” he said. “He refused to leave.”

Tosh said the man made a break toward the door of the home. A deputy fired his Taser and struck the man but he was able to get inside and lock the door.

After almost 1½ hours of negotiations, a decision was made to breach the front door. Tosh said there was information the man had two dogs inside. One came “aggressively” at a deputy.

“He had to dispatch the dog,” he said. “Fortunately, there was only one dog inside.”

A woman claiming to be the man’s mother told a deputy her son suffered from mental health issues.

The man, who was not armed, was taken into custody peacefully.

“We ended it there and turned it over to the landlord,” Tosh said.

Tosh said the operation was “successful.”

“it could’ve gone bad quick,” he said.

Written by Scott Rains:

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