City Council members will meet in special session today to decide whether 32 structures will be placed on the “D&D” list for demolition.

The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. in the auditorium of Lawton City Hall, Southwest 9th and C.

Special meetings targeting the community’s deteriorating structures have become the council’s preferred method to address the issue. Rather than tackle a handful of structures during regular meetings, city staff has been setting up special meetings where 30-40 structures at a time can be addressed. The process involves a public hearing for each structure, giving the property owner time to make his/her case about why they should be given more time to address issues that essentially make their structures uninhabitable.

D&D is a designation meaning the structures deteriorating, with a list of issues that must be addressed in a specific time frame or the structures will be slated for demolition. Placing the structures on the D&D list authorizes the city’s attorneys to initiate abate procedures in district court, if necessary, but it also allows owners to repair the structures on their own — with a specific time frame attached. If owners do not abate the nuisance, the City of Lawton will charge the property owner the cost of razing the structure and removing the debris.

Eight properties before the council have been there before, and received additional time: 818 NE Carver, 911 SW 37th, 1303 SW 3rd, 1760 SW 14th Place, 1921 SW 20th, 2004 SW McKinley and 2317/2319 NW Denver.

Twenty-four others are new to the list: 106 NW 14th, 110 NW Morford Drive, 311 SW Jefferson, 405 SW Monroe, 415 SW Monroe, 620 SW 23rd Place, 706 SW Garfield, 802 SE 40th, 1205 SW 25th Place, 1301 SW 45th, 1516 NW Lake, 1601 SW N.H. Jones, 1707 NW Williams, 1718 NW Taft, 2205 NW 15th, 2319 NW Austin Drive, 2338 SW Evans, 2721 SW I, 3417 Cache Road, 4304 NW Lincoln, 4506 SW K, 4517 SW G, 4539 SW G and 4604 SW G.

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