Ultimately, crack led to the downfall for a Lawton man who ran from police.

Jatarvis Mandez Pratt, 24, made his initial appearance Tuesday in Comanche County District Court where he received felony charges of possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm after former felony conviction, as well as misdemeanor charges of possession of contraband by an inmate, possession of controlled dangerous substance, driving with a cancelled/suspended/revoked license and obstructing an officer, records indicate. He faces for up to 10 years in prison for the gun charge.

Pratt was arrested Friday afternoon following an attempted traffic stop that turned into a foot chase.

According to the probable cause affidavit, he was seen driving near Northwest 61st Street and Cache Road and officers recognized Pratt as a self-admitted 107 Hoover Crip gang member without a valid driver’s license. Officers attempted to stop him when he got out at Crosby Park Apartments with a white backpack in his hand and began to flee. His black Nike shoes flew from his feet as he ran.

Police lost Pratt for a moment and when he was seen again, he’d dumped his backpack, the affidavit states. When told he would be Tasered if he didn’t stop, police said he slowed down before taking off again. He was tackled and taken into custody. It was then confirmed his driver’s license was suspended.

The white backpack was recovered and inside, 19.1 grams of crack cocaine was found in one plastic baggie and another 3.6 grams in another, the affidavit states. Inside a white paper towel twisted at one end were five blue rectangle pills and seven blue pieces of the same type of pill, later learned to be Alprazolam.

During the impound of Pratt’s Dodge Charger, police recovered a 9mm handgun with 16 rounds of ammunition in the clip and one in the chamber, according to the affidavit. A box of ammunition also was recovered from the glove box, along with a small amount of marijuana.

When Pratt was being booked into Lawton City Jail, an officer located a baggie containing 6.7 grams of marijuana tucked into his butt cheeks, the affidavit states.

Pratt has a prior Comanche County conviction from June 2015 for first-degree burglary, records indicate.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

Written by Scott Rains: scott.rains@swoknews.com.

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