Comanche Public Schools has placed 131 of its students on quarantine, after being notified over the weekend that some students had tested positive for COVID-19.

Superintendent Julie Bills confirmed Tuesday for the district’s board of education that the quarantined students were all in high school. While the quarantine will be imposed on those 131 students, in-person school will remain in session for other students. Quarantined students will participate in distance learning, Comanche Public Schools officials said in a statement posted to its website.

Comanche Public Schools said officials were notified Saturday evening that “several students” had tested positive for COVID-19. “Through contact tracing, school officials know that multiple students and teachers were in direct contact,” according to the information posted to the website. Once the school had confirmation, it notified the regional health department and began working with health department officials.

According to the district’s statement:

“Our protocol of having students wear masks while moving about the classroom and common areas has allowed us to not have to move the entire high school to distance learning. Through contact tracing, school officials know that multiple students and teachers were in direct contact. Any individual identified as a close direct contact for more than 15 minutes will be required to quarantine for 14 days and not report to school. The students, faculty and staff members are being notified to quarantine at home for the next 9 school days via phone calls and emails.

“The State Department of Health requires 14 days of quarantine regardless of if there is a negative test result after exposure.”

Affected students and staff will be allowed to return to classes Sept. 21, “unless otherwise determined by the health department,” according to the school’s statement.

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