ELGIN — The wrath of mother nature hit Elgin once again.

Over the weekend, Elgin was hit with another big storm two weeks after the town flooded. This time around, the city was hit was a severe thunderstorm with 70 mph winds.

With the wild weather, many places suffered property damage, including the Elgin post office on 8292 Highway 17. On the back right corner of the building, the roofing is completely off. Nails, screws, and debris scatter the parking lot with insulation material lying all over the property.

Effective immediately, retail operations at the Elgin post office are suspended due to roof and water damage.

“We will continue to operate as normal except for retail services. P.O. Box mail will be available to box customers, as usual. We will continue to collect and dispatch mail deposited in the collection box,” said UPS Communications Specialist Becky Hernandez

P.O. Box customers can retrieve their mail at the Elgin post office at any time. Customers may deposit outgoing mail in the collection box in front of the post office, with the last daily pick-up at 4:15 p.m. Delivery operations are not affected.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused; however, the safety of customers and employees is our first priority,” said Hernandez.

The post office symbolized the whole community of Elgin feeling the aftermath of the storm. Right across the street from the post office, the Elgin middle school annex is getting part of its roof fixed due to the storm. This does not include the 40 or so homes that were affected by the storm.

“We will go out and do damage assessment after the storm ends. We check out severity of the damage to get more federal and state funding for repairs,” said Interim Director of Comanche County Emergency Management Rachel Huey. “We are still working with the City of Elgin to assess damages and hopefully we can have it done by the end of the week.”

Volunteers have stepped in to help the cleaning process. Sgt. First Class Michael Scholl saw the damage and wanted to lend a helping hand. With some help from the 3-2 ADA “Lethal Strike!” battalion, the city acquitted two cleaning groups: one to pick up any tree branches and sticks and another to pick up any other miscellaneous items found in the storm.

“I saw everyone working on the side of road, got out of my truck and seen what I can do to help,” said Scholl.

Regardless of where each volunteer came from, they all take pride in giving back to the community. Like Spec. Joseph Santiago said, the righteous way is the right way.

“We do not do it for us, or do it because we are obligated to. We do it because we want to and want to help our community, regardless of where we came from. Like we serve our country, we want to serve our people too,” said Santiago.

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