City of Lawton

UPDATE: 9:30 p.m.

Regular water pressure should be restored to City of Lawton residents, according to city officials.

Citizens are encouraged to conserve water as water tanks refill.

The City also advises that Pecan Valley Waterworks is a separate system from Lawton and questions regarding water in that area should be directed to Pecan Valley Waterworks.

UPDATE: 5:45 P.M.

City of Lawton crews have identified a problem along a major water main at Fort Sill that feeds into the city and have begun repairs.

The city's Public Utilities Department reports that headway is being made to restore water pressure in the city through those repairs, and to restore water in an affected water storage tank in west Lawton.

But, Public Utilities also says there are vast, unrelated residential and commercial waterline issues that continue in the aftermath of the area's historic winter storm. Those issues are placed more demand on the water distribution system, which has further complicated remedying community-wide water issues through Sunday.


City of Lawton crews are isolating portions of the city's large water main at Fort Sill as they continue to try to identify the problem with water pressure and outages, according to city officials.

The crews have worked through the west side area and have not identified any problems, and now have moved to the Fort Sill area. Because the exact breaks have not been identified, there still is no estimated time on repair completions.

To address specific community concerns:

There is no immediate concerns in regard to water supply for the city.

Filling tubs and sinks is not recommended at this time and can actually strain the current water supply.

Water running through the city's distribution system is safe to consume, wash with and bathe in.

UPDATE: 1:10 p.m.

City of Lawton crews still are working to locate a main break that is causing low pressure and outages in west Lawton. Crews have not found any broken mains in east Lawton; problems there may be the result of numerous residential breaks, city officials said.

In addition, city administrators said there is no truth to comments about a broken main at the Lake Lawtonka dam. The problem main is with the town of Medicine Park.

The City of Lawton is aware of low water pressure in several areas of town this morning and that this is likely due to a water main break.

Public Utilities crews are out searching for the break so that it can be repaired. One suspected are is near West Industrial Park. There is no current ETA for reapairs.

If residents see unusual amounts of standing or moving water, they are asked to please call this into 581-3419.

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