There’s something about a parade.

It can cast a kind of magic.

With the annual Holiday in the Park Christmas Parade, it’s the official kickoff of the Christmas season. Even if it is just a bit before Thanksgiving, it’s an annual tradition that sees thousands line up to view the procession from the Central Mall through 2nd Street and to its destination, Elmer Thomas Park.

With dusk illuminating every minute of buildup before the scheduled 6 p.m. start, the participants readied to be seen. From car and motorcycle clubs to school and civic organizations and a host of Lawton businesses, there was a feeling a significant part of the city had a personal stake in things.

The kids lined up, awaiting the parade trembled with excitement as the red and blue lights of local law enforcement began flashing and moving forward. The roar of sirens seared the air for several minutes. It may have been intensified from young shrieks of excitement.

A Corvette club followed the first responders. Draped in lights wrapped around the vintage and modern models, the season was celebrated. Tractor clubs that followed carried that spirit in differing forms, of course.

From hands on floats and in cars, that sweet reward to the patient children known as candy served the sweetest delight. The event almost serves as a second Halloween in that regard.

As the varied vehicles, including of the equine variety, made their way on the parade route, the excited cheers would continue.

The longer it went, the closer it was to Christmas.

Written by Scott Rains:

Written by Scott Rains:

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