CenterPoint Energy is asking its Oklahoma customers to continue temporarily conserving natural gas by lowering their thermostat settings at least through Monday.

Even though temperatures are beginning to warm up, the extreme winter weather and high heating demand across many parts of the U.S. during the past week have put pressure on natural gas supplies, according to CenterPoint.

The utility company is asking its customers, if possible, to reduce their thermostat settings to 60-65 degrees during the day when at home — and lower the setting an additional 5-10 degrees when asleep or away from home. This step can help relieve demand on natural gas supplies so all customers may continue to receive gas service.

If a customer experiences a loss of gas service, they should contact the utility at 888-876-5786.

The utility offers these additional energy saving tips for customers: Lower the temperature setting on your water heater and limit your use of hot water. Open blinds and shades to take advantage of the sun’s natural heat during the day. Close shades and blinds at night to reduce heat loss through windows. Check the CenterPoint Energy website for many more energy saving tips .

CenterPoint Energy also provides a safety reminder in case of a suspected gas leak: If customers smell the “rotten egg” odor of natural gas inside or near their home, leave the area immediately on foot and don’t turn any electrical devices on or off, don’t use a garage door opener and never use any phone until outside and away. Once a safe distance is reached, report the potential leak by calling both 911 and CenterPoint Energy’s 24-hour hotline for Oklahoma at 888-876-5786.

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