Cache senior pictures displayed

Since the Cache High School Seniors for the class of 2020 did not get to have a formal graduation the seniors at least had their photos and a show of congrats from the community. Their photos line the main highway in front of the school.

CACHE — As other school districts made moves to host virtual graduations or non-traditional ceremonies, the administration at Cache Public Schools played the waiting game. The district superintendent, Chad Hance, along with high school principal Christy Taylor and the rest of the faculty and staff longed to give the school’s 133 graduating seniors the send-off they deserved.

And then, Gov. Kevin Stitt announced his phased reopening plan for the state. It was the sign that Hance had been waiting for. Shortly after Stitt’s proclamation, it was announced that the school would be hosting a traditional, in-person graduation ceremony.

Promoted as an “old school” graduation ceremony on social media, it will take place on the Cache High School football field at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

“Our students will be spaced 6 feet apart in the home side stand, skipping every other row,” Hance said. “Each student was given ten tickets for family and friends and we rented some chairs for extra space.”

Social distancing guidelines from the CDC will be enforced for both the graduates and their friends and family during the ceremony. The stadium, field and surrounding hills will be available for seating. Those that are considered at higher risk for COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home and watch the livestream of the ceremony from the comfort of their homes.

Some details of the ceremony are still being finalized, but there are contingency plans in place in case the outdoor ceremony is unable to be held, according to Hance.

So far, Hance said the feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive and appreciative.

“We have wide open space out here. We just thought if Walmart can do it, we can, too,” Hance said. “Our philosophy has been that, they have missed out on so much already, we really wanted them to have something as close to traditional as possible…we thought this was the least we could do for them.”

Hance said the pandemic, while difficult, has hopefully taught students a valuable lesson, the need to be flexible.

“It’s a good lesson to learn how to be flexible and not take things for granted that you’re used to doing on a day to day basis,” Hance said. “As they move into adulthood, they’ll face challenges that they just have to be flexible for.”

For more information about Cache Public School’s graduation ceremony, contact the school at 429-32660. To stay up-to-date on the ceremony, follow the school on Facebook.

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